• Frame 1: Announcer: "Today on Next Top Dog, we have a very special guest. President Elect Barack Obama will be taking this opportunity to make his first important executive decision: which dog will be living with his family in the White House. Let's take a look at his choices!" Frame 2: "First we have the _dignified_ breed. This dog is surely fit for a king (or a president) and it knows it! Will Barack take the 'proper' approach?" A dark-furred poodle sticks its nose in the air. Frame 3: "Next is the _large breed_. It's not quite as poised, but it'll certainly keep the press at bay. But would it help or hurt the Secret Service's efforts?" A large dog wearing a spiked collar sits and pants. Frame 4: "Or, of course, our soon-to-be president could get the dog that his kids want. But who does that? The political message sent by this choice is too important to be muddled by emotion!" A cute golden doodle puppy sits and pants.

    The Search for Bo
    December 3, 2008 (published) / May 27, 2012 (posted here)

    The idea was to point out how we spend so much of our precious attention on issues that don't matter. Unfortunately, I spent so many words in this comic that it's a miracle if it managed to hold your attention at all.

    This work originally appeared in the Cardinal Courier, the award-winning student-run newspaper at St. John Fisher College, between 2007 and 2011.