• Cal, arriving at a large container labeled "RUBBISH": "Skip, what are you doing in there?" Skip, from inside the container: "Looking for acorns, of course! I can't seem to find any in all of London."
    • Skip: "It's amazing the things these Londoners save in their storage bins! I even found some lunch!"
    • Cal: "Umm... you realize that 'rubbish' means 'trash' here, right?"
    • Skip: "... I don't think I'll be having an appetite for a few days..."

    September 23, 2009 (published) / June 22, 2012 (posted here)

    Sorry, Skip. Turns out you're just a dumpster diver, not an outright thief.

    Fun fact that I just learned: In British English, a dumpster is more likely to be called a skip. That seems especially appropriate here.

    Note: For those paying attention, for the semester I was in London I didn't do any editorial cartoons for the Courier. Only Skip & Cals. So you can enjoy a steady stream of our squirrel and cardinal in a British environment until we get to Spring 2009.

    This work originally appeared in the Cardinal Courier, the award-winning student-run newspaper at St. John Fisher College, between 2007 and 2011.