• A grumpy male student exclaims, "I just don't understand where *they* think *they* get the right to warn *me* about printing too much." This student is wearing a backpack overflowing with printed sheets, with another bag full of printed sheets attached, as well as a large red wagon labeled "My Printed Stuff" containing huge stacks of printed sheets of paper.

    March 31, 2010 (published) / July 16, 2012 (posted here)

    This one came after Fisher's IT department started keeping track of lab users' printing habits. Each time a student printed, it would confirm the number of pages with them and ask if they really intended to print. This was reasonable, as many students didn't understand how to print documents and PDFs properly so as not to waste paper, toner, and other students' time (as they waited for extremely long print jobs to finish).

    But, as you can see, not everyone was too thrilled about having their questionable habits pointed out.

    This work originally appeared in the Cardinal Courier, the award-winning student-run newspaper at St. John Fisher College, between 2007 and 2011.