• Frame 1: Boy: "Hey, Nook. I've got a question." Raccoon: "What is it, hm?" Boy: "Back in CubeTown, I bought and sold stuff with you every day for three years, and yet when I moved here to Entropy, you acted like you didn't recognize me. Why is that?" Frame 2: Nook: "Oh, haha. The Tom Nook in CubeTown is actually my, uh, cousin. It's family tradition that every Nook boy moves away to start a shop of his own." Boy: "Uhh..." Nook: "Here, I show to you the most recent Nook family portrait." Frame 3: A group portrait depicts over a dozen identical raccoons. Nook "See! There I am, on the right." Frame 4: Boy looks disturbed/terrified. Nook: "...What?"

    Nintendon'ts: Crossing Clones
    December 5, 2005 (published) / May 15, 2012 (posted here)

    Here's the original 2005 description for this:

    This is mostly an inside joke for those who have played Nintendo's Animal Crossing games, so I'll explain it. Each unique town that a player lives in has a shop. Every shop in every town is run by the same raccoon/tanuki, Tom Nook. I attempt to explain this away with a bit of humor in my comic.

    Anyway, this is just in time for the release date of North America's second AC game, Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS. I'll be picking it up tomorrow. As mentioned in the comic, CubeTown is the name of my town on the GameCube version of AC, and Entropy will be the name of my DS town when I get the game tomorrow.

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