• "2007..." Cal watches Skip drop an acorn on passerby for the first time. "2008..."
    • "2009..." Cal's head pokes out of a washing machine. Skip is pouring some detergent in with him. Cal: "Are you sure this is safe?" Skip: "Of course it is!"
    • "2010..." Cal and Skip look down from their branch, with very disturbed looks on their faces. "CHIPMUNKS REBEL!"
    • "2011." As the sun sets, Cal and Skip look on sadly from their familiar branch.

    April 6, 2011 (published) / August 2, 2014 (posted here)

    This obligatory memories montage took the valuable real estate of Skip and Cal's penultimate comic for the Courier.

    I also might have been writing a lot of very long papers at the time.

    This work originally appeared in the Cardinal Courier, the award-winning student-run newspaper at St. John Fisher College, between 2007 and 2011.