• Cal: "Imagine if we could control computers with our minds..." Skip: "You mean, like, you could type an e-mail just by thinking about it?"
    • Cal: "That, and so much more! Virtual reality could become a reality. Paralyzed people could use robotic limbs to walk again! The possibilities are endless!" He imagines a bedridden boy rising again with robotic legs, saying "Look, Ma! I can play soccer now!" and a boy wearing virtual reality glasses pretending to be a race car driver.
    • Cal: "What would you use it for, Skip? ...Skip?" Skip has his eyes closed, imagining something.
    • Skip's imagination: "PROTOTYPE: Robotic Acorn-dropping Arm. Controller via BCI Technology. Makes dropping acorns on humans' heads that much more fun!" Skip stands in a tree, a cable plugged directly into his head. A large robotic arm emerges from the tree's upper branches and drops a single acorn on the head of a human below. Skip giggles.

    December 4, 2008 (published) / May 31, 2012 (posted here)

    This didn't appear in the Courier! Instead, it appeared in one of my final projects for a class I took that year on "Computer Ethics".

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